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Level Up Pole Dance Parties


Epic Pole Parties at Level Up

Welcome to the ultimate party experience in Arlington and Haltom, Texas! At Level Up Artistry Pole Dance Studio, we're about turning ordinary parties into extraordinary memories. Our vibe? An epic night out in Arlington or Haltom with your best friends where you feel totally free to move in a way that feels good to you! Complete with everyone around you cheering on!

Up Why A Pole Party?

Ever thought of having a pole party that people talk about for years to come? That's what we offer at Level Up Artistry Pole Dance Studio! Whether it's a bachelorette bash, a birthday blowout, or an innovative team-building event, our pole parties are the talk of the town.

Discover a New Passion

Pole dancing isn't just a workout - it's an art form, a means of expressing yourself, and a fun way to build strength and confidence. Under the guidance of our fabulous instructors you might just discover a new passion. One that empowers you, challenges you, and makes you feel amazing!

The Ultimate Celebration in Arlington and Haltom

A Pole Party in Arlington or Haltom is more than just a gathering - it's the ultimate celebration. It's about sharing laughs, making memories, and even learning some sexy, sassy new moves. This isn't your average Arlington or Haltom party. This is an event that will have your guests talking and laughing about it for years to come.

Book Your Pole Party Today!

Ready to raise the bar for parties in Texas? Come join us in Arlington or Haltom! Let's make memories, let's celebrate, and let's discover the joy of pole dancing together at Level Up Artistry Pole Dance Studios. Because here, we don't just throw parties - we create legendary events!

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