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Level Up Fitness and Aerial Artistry

Where Pole Fitness Becomes Your Lifestyle


About Us

Our mission is to to assist individuals within the community by helping to build confidence, assist with personalized fitness goals,  and promote healthy self care through dance in a supported environment

Our Pole & Movement Classes in Arlington & Haltom, Texas

Level Up Fitness and Aerial Artistry offers a variety of classes that are designed to incorporate strength, flexibility, choreography, and overall confidence.   Although we are  predominately program and membership based, we also offer drop in classes open to all levels.  Our goal as a fitness studio and brand is to offer classes that will accommodate all fitness goals and all fitness levels. 

Dancing Hands


Level Up Fitness and Aerial Artistry prides itself on encouraging and fostering and inclusive community of goal-oriented, alternative-fitness seekers, and artistic exploring individuals to find support and lasting motivational relationships. The pole dance community as a whole has gained popularity because of the continuous support and community based environment efforts to share our craft, love of dance, artistry, and fitness. Level Up is thrilled to provide a space for an amazing community. 


With a combination of 6 years of pole fitness experience, both owners of Level UP Fitness and Aerial Artistry have a deep desire to transform lives and motivate others. Lakisha (KoKo) Smith contributes their life transformations to the confidence, strength, and community gained from pole fitness, which serves as their ultimate motivation for creating a space for others to experience their unique journey. 

Stretching before Dancing
Pole Dance Practice


Although results may vary from person to person and depend on the time devoted to pole training, core and upper body strength have been consistent results most pole fitness students experience quickly. Not to mention the increase in stamina, endurance, and overall confidence. There's just just something about discovering strength through sensuality that boosts self confidence and a deeper desire for self-discovery. 

Join Our Community in Leveling Up 


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